My Journey

I don’t know about you, but I love to hear peoples stories. Some of my favourite memories are sitting around the dinner table, or the back of a car, or whilst weeding a garden bed, and sharing life stories.
Stories help us understand each other; our values, goals, worldviews and are also entertaining. But they are also a way we can grow and learn; our ideas are challenged, and our worlds expand.

As I journey from Melbourne into the world of mission, I want to share some of those stories; the struggles, joys and things God has taught me.

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The Journey

Do you at times worry about what to do with your future? As a high school student, I certainly did. Just before year 12, I went on a short-term mission […]

You’re moving??? What! Why? Where!

Big changes are happening in my life. In one week I will have packed up my belongings, loaded up my little car and be sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania […]

A group who gets me

I spent the weekend with an awesome group of people; worshipping God and seeking His heart for the nations. 14 months ago, I went on my first Next Steps camp. […]

A remarkable start to the year.

I’ve haven’t posted on my blog for a couple of weeks as I’ve been away for more nights than I’ve been home. Because I was curious, I counted it. For […]

Rockets are go

You know that feeling before you do something out of your comfort zone, and you know everything will change. Well maybe not everything, but at the time it feels like […]

Things I learnt in 2018

As the year comes to an end I’ve been reflecting on what God has taught me. Firstly, His timing is perfect! In November of last year I began praying “God […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

I shared a little bit in an earlier post about my heart for missions and why I’m writing this blog and what I hope you as the reader might take […]

This is me

Hi, I’m Amber. Some of my favourite things in the world are coffee dates with friends (where I drink tea), dancing around my home whilst singing at the top of […]