My Journey

I don’t know about you, but I love to hear peoples stories. Some of my favourite memories are sitting around the dinner table, or the back of a car, or whilst weeding a garden bed, and sharing life stories.
Stories help us understand each other; our values, goals, worldviews and are also entertaining. But they are also a way we can grow and learn; our ideas are challenged, and our worlds expand.

As I journey from Melbourne into the world of mission, I want to share some of those stories; the struggles, joys and things God has taught me.

From the Blog

Belonging Matters

As I transition from living at Worldview College of Intercultural Studies in Tasmania, back to life in Melbourne, I have found Sarah A. Lanier’s book “Foreign to familiar“, helpful for […]

Am I successful?

If this is my life for the next few years would God say to me “well done good and faithful servant?”

The Journey

Do you at times worry about what to do with your future? As a high school student, I certainly did. Just before year 12, I went on a short-term mission […]

You’re moving??? What! Why? Where!

Big changes are happening in my life. In one week I will have packed up my belongings, loaded up my little car and be sitting on the Spirit of Tasmania […]


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